Random Character Art + Dance Poster


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Hey y’all! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Thought I’d share some stuff I’ve made over the past several months. The above poster I designed and painted for a contra dance I organized.


And this is Evadne, one of my characters from my hybrid-fantasy novel If Dante Had Wings.


This is a random sketch of a friend and I, as our own made-up fictional aliases.

mymind wolf

Winged wolf sketch from If Dante Had Wings. 


Evadne, again.

dresss moii

A whimsical piece I did of myself as an elf. I’m strange.


And lastly…if you get this reference, you’re shiny. ^^

Oh yeah and I’m having a BOGO discount right now for all writers from any facebook writing group I am apart of. That’s right! If you and I are apart of /any/ FB writing group together,you automatically qualify for buy-one-sketch-get-another-free! I’ll sketch two of your characters for the price of one! 


I Swear it’s Not Peter Hollens!


Howdy y’all! Here are some of my most recent pieces as of late. I’ve been in an artsy mood, which is always nice because then I’m more motivated to create something and be productive artistically.

So that first image – no, it’s not Peter Hollens. Apparently, some people who saw it thought it looked like the fabulous musician himself. But no. (On a random note I love that guy though, his music is amazingggg!) It’s ACTUALLY a main character from my historical novel, Ezra Darson. So yeah. I’m kind of in love with his hair….


And this is just a random watercolor piece for the heck of it. Actually, I wanted to practice more children’s lit illustration style stuff. The same goes for the piece below, which is of two well-to-d0 sisters from the mid 1860s. The older girl’s dress is inspired by my new reenacting ball gown from http://www.bonnyblue.net civilwar

And here below we have a bit of /random/ fantasy cartography. I love maps and mapmaking so I wanted to practice my skills at that. This is of the realm in my hybrid-fantasy novel “If Dante Had Wings”. The scanner chopped off a bit of the right edging, but oh well. Mediums used are watercolor pencils (adore those!) and ink.


What do y’all think? Hope you’re having a blessed week!


Retro Inks


I did these two pieces informally last night while surfing Pinterest and revising my historical novel. I just saw these two illustrations from the 1960’s and thought, ooh, I want to try my hand at doing some art in that style. It was quite fun, and I know these two won’t be the last from me.

What do you think of this retro ink look?

Branching Out


Recently I was contacted about doing some cartoon-style illustrations for a new children’s book series! Very exciting, since I’ve never done any official illustrating work for a literary project. And I almost never draw cartoonish stuff.

Normally, if I do any sort of ‘simplistic’ art I won’t share or post it. I guess I’ve gotten where I only want to share it unless I think it’s really good. And for me I don’t find the satisfaction in cartoons or the like, not like I would with life-like portrait attempts.


So I’m doing something different and sharing the first two ‘proto-type’ pieces for the new illustration commission. I especially like the last one. I think it’s cute. There will be more on the way!

Hope y’all are having a blessed day!

Leah Kathryn

-Psalm 139:14-

Let Me Bring Your Character to Life!

Welcome to Renditions by Leah Kathryn!

I’m a 17 year old homeschooled senior eager to point people to God. One way I can do this is to use my hands to create quality art renditions.

Are you writing a novel? Short story? Participating in NaNoWriMo? Have you already published a book, or in the midst of publishing? In search of an illustrator or designer? Seek no further!

I offer a variety of artistic services, from film storyboarding, to basic headshots to fantasy landscapes to in-depth full-body drawings. Please feel free to explore the site and contact me if you want to learn more about me creating a rendition of YOUR character!

Have a blessed day,

Leah Kathryn